About us


RDL Property Moving & Management is a full-service property moving and management company located in Maryland. We started out as property owners and decided to turn our passion for real estate investment into RDL Property Moving & Management. Today we are one of Maryland’s fastest growing real estate moving and management companies renting hundreds of quality rental properties. Our service areas include Montgomery County, Howard County, Prince Georges County, Charles County,  and Anne Arundel County.

Our success is no accident. We have deep roots in Maryland, and we know and understand the people, the market, and the growth potential. Our full-service professional movers and property management team is driven to be the best and we are committed to helping each client’s smooth and easy moving transition and/or investments reach its maximum income potential. We want to be not only your moving company or property manager but a key partner in helping you be at ease and/or create and manage a flourishing investment real estate portfolio.

There are many things you should expect your moving company or property management company to handle without additional cost to you the client or property owner. We provide all the basics and deliver the highest quality management practices—all without cutting into your bottom line. We believe we can help you with your move and/or grow your investment income and would love to personally speak with you about your investment property. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you!


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