Do you own rental property in Maryland? RDL Property Management, can help you in many ways. From finding great tenants to responding to maintenance requests, and keeping thorough accounting records, as a rental homeowner, you have a number of important responsibilities on your shoulders. Furthermore, if you’ve tried to rent your own property then you know the time and energy you’ll invest in your property adds up quickly—what seems like a pretty easy investment path on the surface can quickly spiral into a full-time job, sapping up your free time and demanding constant attention.

Whether you’ve recently inherited property, you own a local home but live elsewhere, or you’re simply tired of lackluster results in your rental home, RDL Property Management is ready to help. Learn more about some of the unique services we provide for homeowners:



Locating the right renter for your home is a little more involved than paying for a classified ad. Instead you’ll want to maximize your leverage by advertising across a number of housing websites and traditional print publications. You’ll also need to start scheduling showings when potential tenants get in touch and pay close attention to applicants or you could find yourself with a problematic renter on your hands.

Or, you could turn to our team, and we’ll do it all for you. There’s a reason so many homeowners trust RDL Property Management with their tenant needs—we get the job done right, each and every time.

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